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Wed 4/18 at noon
Seminar room 2204
149 13th St., Charlestown Navy Yard

Andre van der Kouwe, Ph.D.
Instructor in Radiology at Harvard Medical School

MRI Acquisition Methods for Brain Morphometry

A variety of sophisticated methods exist for improving MRI data quality 
and reducing artifacts offline after acquisition. However, there is still 
a lot of room to improve data quality at acquisition time before the 
images ever leave the scanner. In this talk I will review recent progress 
on three aspects of data acquisition. The first is a bandwidth-matched 
multiecho anatomical imaging protocol for use with the FreeSurfer analysis 
stream. The second is a framework for automatic prospective positioning 
for whole brain and subcortical structures. I will conclude with a review 
of recent progress on real-time motion correction. All of the sequences 
described in the talk are being developed on the Martinos Center scanners.


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