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Subject: MultiModalShortCourse, Copyright info for ALL presentations

Dear Faculty (Potential, Actual, Facilitory) for the Multi Modal
Short Course (MMSC).

     This note is being sent to a broad representation of the Martinos
community, but the main focus is for people who will be lecturing or
wish to contribute or participate in other ways to the two-week long
Multi Modal Short Course ("MMSC", June 18-29, 2007) being organized
at the Martinos Center.  (Apologies if you receive more than one copy
of this message.  I will try to filter the combined address lists to
avoid such repetition in the future.)

     There are two reasons for this note.  One reason is to let you
know about some important upcoming dates for planning; the other
reason is to make some general information available to interested
people with regard to COPYRIGHT issues, and the processes and
constraints associated with making your lectures, slides or other
material available to the course participants and/or the community at

      The reason for the discussion of COPYRIGHT issues is to address
the most common request from students who participate in workshops
here (and elsewhere).  They would like to have full access to the
slides that speakers use.  While there are significant obstacles for
some speakers in accomplishing this, it should be possible to find a
useful intermediate.  That will be one of the goals of the MMSC
program.  Considering the best approaches to achieving that goal will
be one of the topics of the meetings, below.

Key Dates

1)  Thursday and Friday, APRIL 26 and 27, 10:00am - 12:00am in
RESEARCH AFFAIRS A at the Martinos Center.
     These are NOT formal meetings.  They will be informal discussion
times for anyone interested in learning more about the MMSC, or about
copyright issues and related concerns for distributing a useful
version of your lectures.  No reply is necessary; Show up and leave
as you like.  There will be a brief presentation, but it mostly for
discussion and question/answers.  The presentations will be at 10 and
11 on each day, for about 15 minutes.  The remainder is for

2) FRIDAY, MAY 4: 9:00am - 5:00pm.  "Working Retreat" in Lexington.
     This will be a one-day "working retreat" for anyone who might be a
speaker for the MMSC.  An RSVP is requested, so I can plan for food
for the day.
     The goals are two-fold: To discuss the more detailed schedule for
the program itself, especially so that the various speakers know
something about the content of other speakers' presentations.  (There
will one more meeting of this sort, near the end of May, with a
finalized schedule; that meeting will be at the Martinos Center.)
     The second goal (and hence the term "working") will be to help
people spend a few hours modifying their favorite lecture in such a
way that it can be more widely distributed, and of more use to those
who receive or look at it outside of the lecture.  Various approaches
(software tools, tape-recording, video-taping) will be discussed (as
they will be discussed at the meetings on April 26/27).  But the key
thing here is that a significant part of the day will be spent
demonstrating and implementing these ideas.

General Issues

A "DRAFT" version of the program schedule for the MMSC is attached.
It will be modified and times for speakers will be made more specific
in the coming weeks.

I will be at MGH on the 25th, 26th and 27th to meet with the people
responsible for various "Main" topics.

The student participants for the program have been selected.  They
will be coming from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and South
Africa.  Many who are nominally from the US are actually foreign
visitors, as well.  It should be a diverse and interesting group.

"Auditing" will be more user-friendly for this program than it has
been for the regular fMRI Visiting Fellowship Program.  In
particular, a 3-or-more day version of the FreeSurfer/FSL tutorial
program will be included and open to auditors.  (Auditors who bring
their own properly prepared laptops can benefit more actively from
that sequence of lectures. Details about machine requirements will be
distributed later.)

Hope to see you, if only for a little while, on Apr 26 or 27.

Robert Savoy

-ps: I'll have limited e-mail access for much of this week, but will
respond to all questions by Monday, April 23.  If a question is
urgent, contact me at 339-223-0915.

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