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Wed Apr 25 10:23:54 EDT 2007
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Please note the special time and location for today's BrainMap:

Wed 4/25 at 4pm
Room 3189 (McGovern Institute Seminar Room)
MIT Building 46 (Brain and Cognitive Sciences)

Co-sponsored by the Martinos Computational Neuroscience Center


Nancy Kopell, Ph.D.
Professor of Mathematics
Boston University

Gamma Rhythms: From Biophysics to Cognition

The nervous system produces electrical activity that can be parsed into 
frequency bands crudely associated with different cognitive states. The focus 
of this talk is on the gamma rhythm (30-90 Hz), which is associated with 
attention, learning, and early sensory processing. Different versions of the 
gamma rhythm can be produced in vitro, and there is evidence that there are 
also different versions in vivo. The talk discusses biophysical versions of 
gamma produced in vitro, and some case studies concerning gamma rhythms and 
function, including attention and plasticity.


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