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Mark Williams mwilliam at maccs.mq.edu.au
Mon Jun 30 05:57:56 EDT 2008
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We are trying to read in text files that specify sub-conditions for  
each of 3 separate triggers. We tried to use the mne_add_triggers to  
do this, but encountered the following error message after it read in  
the text file correctly:

'Cannot process floats yet.'

We couldn't work out what floats are, or why they couldn't be  
processed in this case...

To give a concrete example of what we're trying to do, we have a  
single trigger in the MEG data indicating 'condition 1' and we want  
to divide these trials into 'condition 1 location 1', 'condition 1  
location 2', 'condition 1 location 3', and 'condition 1 location 4'.  
We have which trials fall in these sub-conditions in a text file.

We also tried using Load event data to load a re-written .eve file  
with the additional triggers changed manually but this didn't seem to  
do anything.



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