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Kambiz Tavabi TAVABIK at email.chop.edu
Thu Oct 1 12:12:48 EDT 2009
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Hello MNEers,
I am sure this something you would not recommended, but I want to know if it's possible to compute the inverse for idividual data using a standard T1 and BEM derived from the MNI template, for example. Obviously, I don't have MRIs for all datasets, and I wish to use MNE. So, I assume I could use the same cor-aligned T1 and BEM mesh to create the forward solution for each subject, is that right? And would this approach violate some principle of BEM modelling in a way that would make this approach categorically wrong? This is for control data and I want to get a rough idea of distributed activity, so I can live with a bit of impercision introduced by standardizing the BEM mesh.


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