[Mne_analysis] mne_browse_raw.sel

Ahmed Abou Elseoud ahmed.abou.elseoud at oulu.fi
Tue Oct 13 08:50:08 EDT 2009
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I have just downloaded MNE days ago and it is my first time using it.
When I try to run the command mne_browse_raw, I receive the following error:
opt/mne264/setup/mne/mne_browse_raw/mne_browse_raw.sel:No such file or  
I have checked and could not find the file but found other files  
(mne_browse_raw_CTF_275.sel  mne_browse_raw_Magnes_3600WH.sel  
mne_browse_raw_vv_new.sel  mne_browse_raw_vv.sel).
I wonder what should I do then?


Ahmed Abou Elseoud
MRI Research Unit,
Department of Diagnostic Radiology,
Oulu University Hospital(OYS), Finland.

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