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Tue Apr 19 13:54:53 EDT 2011
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Hi Karen,

I did not find fftlowpass in the mne matlab folder.

What is the length of your data,

Rule of thumb for good filtering your data length should be atleast 3 time
or higher than the filter length.


> Hello,
> My name is Karen. I am an undergrad student doing research in Dr.
> Stufflebeam's lab.
> I am trying to use the fft lowpass filter (<8 Hz) in MNE Matlab toolbox to
> eliminate the ringing in MEG data.
> However, I kept getting error "Filter order must be a real, positive
> integer".
> data=fftlowpass(left_13_30,Fs,8,9);
> This is the matlab code I used, where left_13_30 is the data to be
> filtered,
> Fs is the sampling frequency, 8 Hz is the passband and 9 Hz is the
> stopband.
> I tried to increase the stopband to 20 Hz, but it still doesn't work.
> Thanks a lot for your help!
> Best,
> Karen
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