[Mne_analysis] specifying mne_compute_raw_inverse output

Matt Panichello panichem at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Wed Jul 13 20:10:51 EDT 2011
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I am using mne_compute_raw_inverse to produce source waveforms from labels.
The command is working fine, except that I am having trouble specifying the
name of the output.

I've tried using the flags --labeldir and --out to specify the output. The
labeldir I specify is identical to the label files in my subjects dir:

However, I get the following error message:

Processing label directory  ..../subjectsdir/subjectname/label/
0 left-hemisphere labels in ..../subjectsdir/subjectname/label/
0 right-hemisphere labels in ..../subjectsdir/subjectname/label/
Segmentation fault

I triple checked and there are no typos in the labeldir I specify. And using
the --out flag alone has no effect on the output name.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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