[Mne_analysis] single trial artifact rejection

Alexandre Gramfort gramfort at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Wed Jul 20 09:05:21 EDT 2011
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Hi Avniel,

> Actually, we did an analysis of how problematic taking out data this way would be in Ghuman, McDaniel, and Martin NeuroImage 2011 and it turns out that it depends on the analysis.  If you end up doing a frequency domain analysis with wavelets, these edge effects get smoothed over pretty well, at least at higher frequencies (it depends on how large the chunks you cut out are, but with a generous window, this smoothing over is ok at frequencies > 2 Hz).  I am guessing this is why Jonathan feels it is ok to do this (he is the McDaniel from that paper).

thanks for sharing your experience on this. To sum up, the answer is
that it depends
on what you do after with the data.

to answer the initial question which was is there a build in way to do
this, the answer is no.
MNE unix commands cannot do this as far as I know and you need to use
matlab or python
to zero the artifact time segments.


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