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Hi Alex,

Thanks for your response.  I am aware of the effect of discontinuities in
data and was planning to make a note of where they occur and account for
that in my analysis.  The data is a 2 minutes long recording of spontaneous
activity to be more precise.

Doing this through matlab works for me, but I just wanted to see if there
was another way to do this type of analysis.

Thanks for your help!


On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 9:05 AM, Alexandre Gramfort <
gramfort at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu> wrote:

> Hi Avniel,
> > Actually, we did an analysis of how problematic taking out data this way
> would be in Ghuman, McDaniel, and Martin NeuroImage 2011 and it turns out
> that it depends on the analysis.  If you end up doing a frequency domain
> analysis with wavelets, these edge effects get smoothed over pretty well, at
> least at higher frequencies (it depends on how large the chunks you cut out
> are, but with a generous window, this smoothing over is ok at frequencies >
> 2 Hz).  I am guessing this is why Jonathan feels it is ok to do this (he is
> the McDaniel from that paper).
> thanks for sharing your experience on this. To sum up, the answer is
> that it depends
> on what you do after with the data.
> to answer the initial question which was is there a build in way to do
> this, the answer is no.
> MNE unix commands cannot do this as far as I know and you need to use
> matlab or python
> to zero the artifact time segments.
> cheers,
> Alex
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