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Postdoctoral Fellowship: Multimodal Neuroimaging -MGH/Harvard Medical School

Job Description
A postdoctoral position is available with the TRANSCEND Research Program
(www.transcendresearch.org) at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging
in Charlestown, MA (www.martinos.org) which is affiliated with the
Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School and MIT.

We are seeking a candidate with a strong basis in magnetic resonance
imaging. Emphasis will be on MRI (DTI, spectroscopy, morphometry, ASL as
well as resting state fMRI), and on co-registering MEG with MRI. This
position will involve analysis of existing multimodal imaging data and
collection of new data.  The emphasis of the postdoctoral fellowship will
be analysis of existing datasets with secondary activity in piloting data
for new studies.  It will involve working closely with a multidisciplinary
team and with children, and will also involve some research oriented
analysis of data collected for clinical purposes.  After initial phase-in,
ample opportunity will also be provided to the candidate to self-explore
and lead research.

Datasets to be analyzed include:
MRI (including DTI and 1H-spectroscopy) and MEG data on 6-12 and teenage
matched autism spectrum and control subjects with phenotyping data
MRI data ( (morphometry, DTI, spectroscopy) plus laboratory and
phenotyping data) on 70 children with autism plus epilepsy and/or
mitochondrial dysfunction, along with one or more overnight EEGs on each
data from children ages 2-10 with and without autism.

Overall objectives:
To perform multimodal analyses of research and clinical research data, to
develop new approaches for performing these analyses, and to design
pipelines for data analysis.
To write papers and grants which will be high priorities all along the way
and will be actively supported by senior faculty.
To take advantage of the world class faculty and facilities of the
Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging to perform the above activities to
their maximal potential.

The program’s emphasis is on pathophysiologically grounded brain research
and application of advanced imaging acquisition and analysis techniques to
neurological and sensory aspects of autism spectrum disorders.

Candidates must have PhD in neuroscience, physics, biomedical engineering,
electrical engineering, computer science or other related fields. Prior
experience in MRI analysis is required. Experience with EEG will be an
added advantage. Salary will be consistent with Massachusetts General
Hospital, Harvard Medical School policies for Postdoctoral trainees and
will range between $45,000 to $55,000 depending upon qualifications and
experience. Compensation also includes full staff benefits, including
health insurance, and vacation time.

Interested applicants may send a CV and statement of interest addressing
background and specific pertinence of the candidate’s interest to Dr.
Martha R. Herbert at mherbert1 at partners.org and cc transcend at partners.org.

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