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Thu May 26 16:19:36 EDT 2011
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Hello. MNE experts.

This is Ji Won Bang from Dr. Sasaki's group at MGH.

I have a question about running "do_all_meg_grd.m".

I received "do_all_meg_grd.m" file from the previous post-doc who is not
here any more and she told me to run this file.

And if I need to include magnetometers, she told me to run "do_all_meg.m".

For now, I'm using continuous HPI. In that case, should I run "do_all_meg.m"
after running "do_all_meg_grd.m"?

Is there anyone who can give me some advice?

I would appreciate that if you email me back.

Best regards,
Ji Won Bang
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