[Mne_analysis] activations in corpus callosum, can I trust it?

Li Su Li.Su at mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk
Tue May 31 08:00:45 EDT 2011
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Dear MNE list,

May I ask a question on the localisation of MEG/EEG? Do you think it is possible for this combined technique to find activation in deep white matter such as corpus callosum (CC)? My first impression is NO, but in one of our MEG/EEG data, we found some activations in areas close to corpus callosum. It makes a lot of sense in the context of this study, i.e. in an independent phase-locking analysis of the same data, we have found phase-locking values between two hemisphres increased significantly in the same time window. Given the consistancy in timing and the close match to anatomical features of CC (see attached), it is hard to disbelieve this result. In fact, I would love to trust it because CC is the only place where the two hemisphres could communicate directly. However, do you think it is plausible from electrophysiology and MEG signals point of view?

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