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Elena Orekhova Elena.Orekhova at neuro.gu.se
Thu Sep 1 04:07:25 EDT 2011
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Dear Matti,

I would like to compare amplitudes of activation in response to auditory stimuli in the right and left temporal labels.  I used sLORETA and noticed significant differences in the timecourses during pre-stimulus baseline.   As the sLORETA uses noise normalization, I guess that this effect is due to different level of noise in the two labels.  Would it be correct to scale the sLORETA timecourses by e.g. dividing them by the mean pre-stimulus value before statistical comparison of the left and right labels?

I have also a related question.  The MNE software uses the same inverse operator for MNE and sLORETA.  Is it at all identical to the sLORETA by Pascual-Marqui (Standardized low-resolution brain electromagnetic tomography (sLORETA): Technical details. METHODS AND FINDINGS IN EXPERIMENTAL AND CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY, 2002, 24: 5-12) ?

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