[Mne_analysis] Cortical Solution for Single Trials

Per Lysne plysne at mrn.org
Fri Sep 2 18:29:53 EDT 2011
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Hello All,

    My lab is working on a number of analyses that require cortical soltions
at the level of individual trials. I infer that a number of posters on this
list must be doing the same thing, but I cannot tell if there is a standard
mechanism for accomplishing this. Assuming that I create an inverse operator
in the normal way using the average ERP of my trials, how would I then apply
this operator to either my single trials, arranged end-to-end in a fif file,
or to my continuous data? Ideally I would like the output to be in a single
file, stc format, so I could easily import it into matlab, do some
processing, and then write it out again as stc so that it could be
visualized using mne_make_movie.

    Thank you,

Per Lysne
University of New Mexico/Mind Research Network
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