[Mne_analysis] Viewing running t-test on a movie?

Hari Bharadwaj hari at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Thu Sep 8 17:45:41 EDT 2011
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Instead of writing the p-values, if you made stcs out of 1-p or -log(p) or
just write the raw t-values or any other transformation where
'higher-is-more-significant', it will be easier to threshold and make
movies out of using mne_make_movie or even visualize using mne_analyze
since that


On Thu, September 8, 2011 5:23 pm, Per Lysne wrote:
> Hello,
>     I would like to use a t-test to compare two groups, and to view the
> resulting 'p' values as the color scale on a movie. All of my subjects are
> morphed onto the fsaverage cortical surface. I have performed the
> timewise,
> vertexwise t-test between the groups and written the p-values as an stc
> file. Is there a way to input this directly into mne_make_movie such that
> the magnitude of the p-values will be displayed in colors? (i.e. p<.05 as
> red, p<.01 yellow, etc.) If I ask for the raw mne output from
> mne_make_movie, with no baseline correction, and set the color scale
> appropriately, is this what I will get?
>     Thanks again,
> Per Lysne
> University of New Mexico, MIND Research Network
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