[Mne_analysis] [ANN] New MNE web site and official release of MNE-Python 0.1

Alexandre Gramfort gramfort at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Fri Sep 23 21:24:46 EDT 2011
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Hi MNE users,

I am excited to announce that the new MNE web site is now online
and that it comes with a fresh release of MNE-Python 0.1.

The website is available at :


It includes all the content of the current MNE manual and a new
section dedicated to MNE data processing with Python.

MNE Python comes with a lot of examples:


adding some new features to MNE like statistics, time-frequency analysis
in sensor and source space.

All examples should run out of the box after an automatic download
of a preprocessed version of the MNE sample data (but be patient …
it's more than 1GB).

The MNE Python code is available at:


It's BSD licensed and warmly welcomes contributions.

I am looking forward for your hopefully positive feed back


PS1: special thanks to Emily Ruzich for helping me converting the MNE
Manual to the
new format.

PS2: thanks to all early users and contributors at MGH.

PS3: If you have a working python environment, install should be as easy as:

>>> easy_install -U mne

Alexandre Gramfort, PhD
gramfort at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Dept. of Radiology MGH Martinos Center / Harvard Medical School

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