[Mne_analysis] Event file old vs. new format

Alexandre Gramfort gramfort at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Wed Sep 28 21:30:28 EDT 2011
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Hello Linda,

I've never had to deal with old event file format but I'll try to answer.

> In using mne_process_raw to epoch and average across trials in a given
> condition (output is a *.fif file for the given condition), the log output
> states that my event file is in the the old format. So it says it is
> taking into account the offset.

by offset do you mean the raw.first_samp field?

> First, how exactly does it take into account the offset? In other words
> how does the sample start time ultimately used to index the raw fif file
> differ from the sample start time specified in the event file?

I guess in one case the first time point is 0 in the other it corresponds to

> Second, how does the new format differ from the old format? The format I
> am using is:
> <sample>  <time>  <from> <to>
> where <sample> is a number, <time> turns out to always be sample/1000
> <from> is 0 and <to> is the specific condition number.

no clue.

> I am creating my own event files, so that I can cut the data many
> different ways not necessarily specified by the triggers in the raw fif
> file, and want to make sure that the format is accurate.

I would try with a simple dataset to see if the approach produces a
nice evoked response.

sorry for not being able to help more


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