[Mne_analysis] mne_analyse error: libquicktime.so. mne_setup_sh run

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Sun Dec 1 19:52:09 EST 2013
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Hi Peter, 

I ever encountered the error long time ago.
Alex's email remained me of my solution to the error.  
please download the file here

 ,copy it into your $MNE_ROOT/lib 
and then run the function. 
May it helps. 
Best wishes, 
Jupeng Zhang, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Applied Psychology Research Center
Chengdu Medical College
Chengdu, China
email: junpeng.zhang at gmail.com
Mobile: 13708011608


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hi Peter, 

do you confirm that you have libquicktime.so in your MNE/lib folder? 

here is what I get on my box after configuring MNE: 

$ cd $MNE_ROOT 
$ ls lib 
libgfortran.so.1  libquicktime.so  lqt_mjpeg.so 

what do you see when running 

ls lib 

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