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Hi Chiran,

We only implemented estimation of source power (i.e. equation [5] in 
Gross et al.) using the DICS approach, not estimation of source 
connectivity (e.g. coherence, equation [1]), which I'm guessing you're 

You are right that the scripts don't perform selection of a reference 
region, because that is only necessary to calculate the connectivity 
measures. Selecting a reference could be done easily just by choosing 
the source with maximal power. However, calculating coherence to the 
reference region at every other region would require a bit more digging 
into the code of dics_source_power (i.e. line 392 corresponds to 
equation [5] in Gross et al. with the difference that the spatial 
filters are calculated for the same source, i.e. r_1 == r_2).

I'd be happy to support you in implementing the coherence calculation if 
you're interested.


On 18/12/13 17:36, Doshi, Chiran wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to implement DICS. I read the paper mentioned here
> http://martinos.org/mne/stable/auto_examples/inverse/plot_dics_source_power.html#example-inverse-plot-dics-source-power-py
> The paper illustrates four strategies for selecting a reference region.
> I fail to see the selection of reference region in the example
> plot_dics_source_power.py
> <http://martinos.org/mne/stable/_downloads/plot_dics_source_power.py>
> Can someone explain how to implement dics in mne-python?
> Thank you,
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