[Mne_analysis] Some question about Epochsobjects in mne-python

Stephen Politzer-Ahles spa268 at nyu.edu
Sun Dec 22 07:30:25 EST 2013
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I have some epoched data that I created in python (using mne.Epochs) and
then saved as a .fif file using the save() method of mne.Epochs. After
saving it, I did some other processing, and now I'd like to load them
again. But I'm actually not sure how to load these objects?
mne.fiff.read_evoked doesn't seem to do it (I get an error 'Could not find
evoked data'; the full traceback is below).

Also, is it possible to filter an mne.Epochs object? I didn't filter my raw
data because I wanted to do ICA on the epochs. But now, as far as I can
tell there is not a built-in filter() method for Epochs like there is for
Raw, and mne.filter.low_pass_filter() seems to be a low-level function so
I'm not sure if I should be calling it directly or not.

(My epochs are much larger than the time window I'm actually interested in,
so I think it should be ok to filter; but if that's still not recommended,
then another solution I could try is to run ICA on the epochs, apply those
ICA weights back onto the raw data, filter the raw data, and then epoch


Stephen Politzer-Ahles
New York University, Abu Dhabi
Neuroscience of Language Lab
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