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As implied by the error message, it is possible that the head to MRI
tranformation seems to be missing.. Did you do the coordinate alignment
and save the transformations for this subject the same way as you did for
the dozen other subjects? Also, you could try CDing into
/data/restMEG/YA006/ and re-running the command to see if making it look
for measurement file and the -trans.fif file in the current directory



On Tue, May 28, 2013 12:47 am, Vincent Rupp Jr. wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running mne_do_forward_solution like so:
> *mne_do_forward_solution --subject YA006 --mindist 5 --spacing ico-4
> --meas
> /data/restMEG/YA006/YA006_rest_raw_sss.fif --bem
> /home/data/search_fMRI/YA006/bem/YA006-5120-bem-sol.fif --megonly*
> And it is failing with this message:
> *Specify the MRI file name with --mri option, employ the --trans option,
> or*
> *create a *-trans.fif fif file in the same directory where the MEG/EEG
> data
> reside*
> I've run this command just the same way with dozens of other subjects
> without issue. Can anyone give me a clue what I might be doing wrong?
> Best wishes,
> Vincent Rupp Jr
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