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I used MNE in 'mne_analzye' and got good results, but for whatever reason when when I try to use 'mne_make_movie' it doesn't seem to show up. I tried using spm and dSPM in 'mne_make_movie' and mne_analyze,' respectively and have the same problem.

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Do you mean in comparison to `mne_analyze`? By default, I think `mne_analyze` uses dSPM estimates, whereas `mne_make_movie` uses MNE. Have you tried using the `--spm` option in `mne_make_movie`?


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Hello all,

I'm trying to make movies and snapshots using mne_make_movie. The trouble is that the activations don't seem to show up as well when I try to do this. Any help or insight would be a great help. Thanks


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