[Mne_analysis] Memmory error from MNE-Python

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Tue Feb 18 08:46:30 EST 2014
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Dear All,

When I run a script to remove environmental noise, I met the memory error.
The information as following:

*MemoryError                               Traceback (most recent call
last)/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/IPython/utils/py3compat.pyc in
execfile(fname, *where)    202             else:    203
filename = fname--> 204             __builtin__.execfile(filename,
*where)/home/imenb101/Forward and Inverse Problem/EmptyRoomProcessing.py in
<module>()     52 #Remove the environmental noises using emptyroom
signals     53 empty_proj = mne.compute_proj_raw(raw_empty)---> 54
raw_cleaned_enviro = raw.copy().add_proj(empty_proj).apply_proj()     55
%(raw_basename), overwrite=True)#save the raw data without the
environmental noise     56
in apply_proj(self)    131                     data = data()
132             else:--> 133                 data = np.dot(self._projector,
data)    134             break    135         logger.info
<http://logger.info>('SSP projectors applied...')MemoryError: *

Can anyone give me some suggestions? Thanks!
Best wishes,
Qunxi Dong
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