[Mne_analysis] create --trans file from COR sets

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I'm not sure if this is what you want since I create the transformed MRI using the ELEKTA utility and that isn't quite what you're asking.
But you can use the mne utility mne_show_fiff to get the head --> MRI transform matrix from that .fif file:

mne_show_fiff --verbose --in MRI_transform_file.fif

This will show you a bunch of stuff including something like:
 222 = transform                head -> MRI (surface RAS)
                                 0.99768  0.06237  0.02740    -2.29
                                -0.06093  0.99686 -0.05052    27.37
                                -0.03046  0.04873  0.99835   -28.78
                                 0.00000  0.00000  0.00000     1.00

You can also use the ELEKTA show_fiff utility.  The switches are slightly different:

show_fiff -v MRI_transform_file.fif

It provides the same plus the inverse transform too:

222 = transform         head -> MRI
        0.997677 0.062365 0.027399
        -0.060927 0.996863 -0.050517
        -0.030463 0.048730 0.998347
        -2.290811 27.368591 -28.776358 (inv. 3.076347 -25.737595 30.174137)


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What is the easiest way to create a text transformation matrix file from already transformed COR sets (that is: ones saved with "Save MRI set")?

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