[Mne_analysis] question for Martinos MNE-python users

Kestas Kveraga kestas at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Fri Feb 28 13:27:30 EST 2014
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I've used the Martinos network version of ipython before with no 
problems to run some stuff in MNE-python.

Now when I try to start it up by typing 'ipython' after setting the path 
exactly as per 'Getting Started" instructions, it does not start for 
many minutes (20+) and when it finally starts, it is extremely slow 
(compared to previous usage or running a local version on a Mac laptop).

The problem is not with the machine, which has gobs of free RAM (8GB+) 
and 4 CPUs that are mostly idle. Last time I quit ipython, it was using 
 >5GB of RAM, which seems excessive.

What am I missing here? Should I install a local version, e.g., Canopy?


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