[Mne_analysis] The issue of converting EDF to FIF format

Xiaoxiao Bai baixx013 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 11:20:10 EDT 2014
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Hi all MEN users,

I used Net station to save recorded EEG data to EDF format. When I used
mne_edf2fiff to convert our EDF file to FIF file, I got this error message,

$ mne_edf2fiff --edf Recording_9_fil.edf --fif Recording_9_fil.fif

mne_edf2fiff version 1.6 compiled at Dec 21 2009 19:46:35

EDF/EDF+/BDF file (input)  : Recording_9_fil.edf
No electrode position data specified.
fif file (output)          : Recording_9_fil.fif

Parsing EDF/EDF+/BDF header...[failed]
Unequal sampling rates across data channels are not supported.


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