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Dear mne users,
I´m dealing with a 3 blocks experiment and for each block I have a raw
Then I´m epoching every raw object using the same event_id = [A, B, C, D].

Later I concatenate the 3 epochs objects with:
epochs_merged = mne.concatenate_epochs([epochs1, epochs2, epochs3])

First question, when concatenating, in the console I have the message:
*Applying baseline correction (mode: mean)* , but in the documentation I
can´t find any reference of it.
Since I already used baseline correction when creating epochs1, epochs2,
epochs3, could this additional correction generate any problem?

Later I´m doing some processing on epochs_merged (AutoReject, ICA). Is it
possible to access a subset of epochs_merged, for example just the epochs
with the event A, and average them?
Otherwise I have to re-run the analysis on a newly created epochs object
with event_id = A, but I would prefer to avoid this, since from my
understanding ICA performs better with more data.

Thank you in advance,


MSc student, University of Padova
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