[Mne_analysis] concatenate_epochs and subset of them

Richard Höchenberger richard.hoechenberger at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 14:35:01 EST 2016
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Hi all,

On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 2:03 PM, Lorenzo Alfine
<lorenzo.alfine at gmail.com> wrote:
> Then I´m epoching every raw object using the same event_id = [A, B, C, D].
> Later I concatenate the 3 epochs objects with:
> epochs_merged = mne.concatenate_epochs([epochs1, epochs2, epochs3])
> Later I´m doing some processing on epochs_merged (AutoReject, ICA). Is it
> possible to access a subset of epochs_merged, for example just the epochs
> with the event A, and average them?
> Otherwise I have to re-run the analysis on a newly created epochs object
> with event_id = A, but I would prefer to avoid this, since from my
> understanding ICA performs better with more data.

I would be interested in an easy solution for this issue, too. Of
course one could extract these subsets of data manually, but is there
maybe an easier way I have simply overlooked so far?



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