[Mne_analysis] Spatial connectivity matrix for a specific subject

Noam Peled peled.noam at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 22:33:02 EST 2016
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Hey all,
I'm trying to run the cluster stats spatio temporal example
but I wish to run it on one specific subject, without morphing it to
fsaverage, and use all of its vertices for the spatial connectivity matrix.
I'm guessing that I can't use grade_to_tris function here, so how to I get
the tris? I tried to read the hemis surfaces, and vstack the tris of each
hemi, but got the "ValueError: connectivity must be of the correct size"
I want to display the results on the specific subject's surface. I can
morph it to fsaverage, and then morph the results back to the subject's
space, but it doesn't feel the best approach.
Any ideas?

Noam Peled
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