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Fri Jun 24 08:45:30 EDT 2016
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Hello !

I’m trying to modify the dics_source_power function
(mne/beamformer/_dics.py) and the compute_epochs_csd function
(mne/time_frequency/csd.py) to apply DICS on each source and each epoch
individually. I’m trying to understand how these functions work but I have
a problem with DICS.

 Could you please help me to understand  why the matrix filter (‘Wk’) is
divided by ‘Ck’ in the case of fixed source orientation (_dics.py , line

Ck = Gk.T.dot(Cm_inv).dot(Gk)

where G is the forward solution and Cm_inv  is the pseudoinverse of the CSD.

Any help or suggestion would be appreciated!

Many thanks.

Alexandre F
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