[Mne_analysis] [Mne analysis] two sample t-test with spatio_temporal_cluster_test

Talitha Ford tcford at swin.edu.au
Sun Jun 11 04:59:49 EDT 2017
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Dear all,

Similar to conducing a pair samples t-test on source data using spatio-temporal clustering, allowing the visualisation of clusters where condition A > condition B and vice versa, is it possible to run an independent samples t-test to visualise differences between two groups? The 2 samples permutation tests currently available are limited in that they plot F statistics that don’t give a direction of the difference between the groups. Basically, is it possible to identify clusters that differ significantly between the groups, as well as identify/visualise the direction in which they differ? 

I am currently attempting to extract the cluster values for each participant to get an overall mean for each vertex within the cluster to compare between groups, but this seems very inefficient.


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