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Dear Eric,

Thanks for your email. Unfortunately this didn't work - it simply returned a single epoch per subject (the first epoch in the dataset, I suspect). I also tried epochs[subject][cond[0]] which returned the following error: 'Event "n" is not in epochs', which suggests to me that it may not actually be possible to index in this way..?


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epochs[subject][cond][0] (or maybe epochs[subject][cond][:1]) should work. But be careful about dropped epochs by looking at `epochs.selection` to make sure the first instance didn't get dropped e.g. due to reject/flat params.

Is there a place you looked for this sort of information in the docs and couldn't find it? Maybe we (hopefully you :) ) could add something to the epochs tutorial<https://mne-tools.github.io/dev/auto_tutorials/plot_object_epochs.html>?


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