[Mne_analysis] Decoding Issue

Aditya P Singh adityasingh at utexas.edu
Sat Nov 4 10:43:46 EDT 2017
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I was trying to use your example on Decoding sensor space data, however, I
keep getting the error "roc_auc scoring can only be computed for two-class
problems". My epochs events, are separated into two classes using the dict
function that mne often uses so I am not sure what the issue is. My "y" is
an array([2, 2, 2, ..., 1, 1, 1]), but the roc_auc error comes up "if
np.ndim(y) != 1 or len(set(y)) != 2:", so I am not sure how to fix this

Thank you,
Aditya Singh
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