[Mne_analysis] morphing a volumetric subject source space to fsaverage

Daniel van de Velden daniel.vandevelden at yahoo.de
Mon Oct 9 07:00:29 EDT 2017
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Dear mne-python,

I am setting up volume source spaces for my study to perform MFT later 
on. Furthermore I am aiming for a statistical group study using Spatio 
temporal Clustering Test.
On my way of doing this I encountered a big problem.
To get meaningful result from my statistical test I have to morph every 
subject to an average subject. I try to morph the volumetric source 
space of my subject to fsaverage like it is done in the surface-based 

I tried to change to source code to make it compatible with a 
VolumeSourceEstimation. But I am not succesful with it. (When desired I 
can also pass my source code)

Does anyone have any experience in volume-based morphing ?


Daniel van de Velden

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