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Hi Hiroyasu,

Please post the precise commands used, and the exact error message(s). It does sound like Freesurfer is not in your (Unix) PATH, can you run `recon-all -help` on the command line (terminal)?

That said, the ‘default' subject is indeed only prepared for a single BEM-shell, MEG-only forward model. Although it would be possible to create a 3-layer BEM for EEG use, depending on your data (3D electrode coordinates exist?), exact application and source estimation method of choice, it may make little sense.

Have you considered creating a spherical (4-layer) head model instead?


This can be passed to


along with the source space and MRI-head transformation obtained using create_default_subject.


On 30 Oct 2017, at 02.45, Watanabe Hiroyasu <hiroponwatana at gmail.com<mailto:hiroponwatana at gmail.com>> wrote:


I try to do source estimation of EEG without brain image.

I installed Freesurfer and make a fiduciary brain image by create_default_subject. But these created file only suitable for MEG analysis.

So I try to make bem mesh by watershed algorithm command.

But after run this function, the error occurred saying Freesurfer isn’t exist.

I set up Freesurfer as directed in Freesurfer wiki. Also I past license file in Freesurfer home directory.

How to fix it?

Best regards,
Hiroyasu Watanabe
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