[Mne_analysis] Writing Fieldtrip epoch data into MNE format

Sanjeev Nara s.nara at bcbl.eu
Mon Feb 5 15:36:35 EST 2018
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Hi team MNE, 

I am new user of MNE python. I have a .fif file which is preprocessed in Fieldtrip (artifact rejection, ICA etc) and then i saved the data into a mat file having two main structures, data and cfg. 

Now i want to process the data in MNE, when i try to write the mat file to fiff using functions fieldtrip2fiff it shows me that it cannot process the structures. I also tried with the functions of MNE matlab to write but it also shows me the same. 

I shall be thankful if you guys can tell me how to read the epoched data from mat files in MNE.


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