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The PLI requires multiple epochs/trials to give a meaningful result, since it essentially measures the variability of phase differences across trials. By definition, a single epoch has no variability so this explains your result. If you only have a single epoch, then measures like the PLI are not appropriate. (I can't look it up right now, but most likely Figure 6 did indeed show a result from several epochs.)


On Feb 12, 2018 11:10, dae kook do <eornrsayclub at gmail.com> wrote:
Dear everyone,

I have a problem about PLI.

I saw a paper(Phase lag index: Assessment of functional connectivity from multi channel EEG and MEG with diminished bias from common sources (Hum Brain Mapp 2007)
) about PLI in MNE example (Compute all-to-all connectivity in sensor space)

In this paper, PLI is checked by each montages (Figure 6, Influence of reference)

When I read that, I think Figure 6 is calculated by each epochs.

I tried to calculate PLI using spectral_connectivity with single epoch.

But, results just return same value "1".

How to calculate PLI using single epoch?

Or is Figure 6 calculated by several epochs?

I add my result.
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