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Thu Feb 15 13:26:26 EST 2018
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Hi all,

I generated some fif files containing source space data using mne_compute_raw_inverse with the ico-2 source space (which was inputted into the command after I generated a label file of the ico-2 source space). It gave me two fif files, one for the left hemisphere and one for the right.

When I bring it into MATLAB, I have been using fiff_setup_read_raw to get a structure (which I will call "raw") containing information I need. I am a little confused about what is contained in one of the fields: raw.info.chs.loc. I see each entry is a 12x1 vector but I'm not sure what coordinate space elements 1 through 3 correspond to. These are source space nodes so they are not EEG electrode coordinates. I tried using transformation matrices (MRI > head and head > MRI) on these coordinates to see if it corresponds to head space or MRI coordinates but they don't seem to match anything. Does anyone have any ideas what the .loc elements correspond to if I am extracting source space data?


Dan Song
Clinical Research Coordinator
Massachusetts General Hospital Neurology Department
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