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Tue Jul 17 04:24:18 EDT 2018
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Hi everyone,

A problem I've had in the past:
Install on a fresh ubuntu (mint) install following instructions
fails with these messages:
mkl-random 1.0.1 requires cython, which is not installed.
mkl-fft 1.0.2 requires cython, which is not installed.

Installed cython with apt install, now it is present on my system.
Problem 1:
conda env create -f environment.yml
fails saying
CondaValueError: prefix already exists:

Fair enough. After total removal of anaconda and settings, check cython is
installed, reinstall after reboot, same fail, complaining cython isn't

In any case, it seems that ubuntu doesn't ship with cython, so it may be a
good idea to add an install procedure to the instructions.

Any help much appreciated.
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