[Mne_analysis] mne.viz.plot_source_estimates colorbar limits incorrect

Nicole Rafidi nrafidi at cs.cmu.edu
Mon Jul 23 15:06:42 EDT 2018
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I am using mne.viz.plot_source_estimates from mne version 0.15.2 and I am
calling it as follows:

mne.viz.plot_source_estimates(src, subject=subject_id, background=bk,
surface='inflated', hemi='lh', views='lat',
clim={'kind': 'value', 'lims': [0.0, 0.5, 1.0]}, colormap='jet',
smoothing_steps=smoothing_steps, spacing='ico4', backend='matplotlib')

Even though I set the clim kind to 'value' and the limits are set to [0.0,
0.5, 1.0], I observe that the maximum value in src is given the hottest
value of the colormap, even if it is not 1.0.  I would like the colors to
reflect the absolute value at each source, not their relative values to
each other.

Is this a bug? Or am I not calling this function correctly?


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