[Mne_analysis] mne.viz.plot_source_estimates colorbar limits incorrect

Eric Larson larson.eric.d at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 15:15:01 EDT 2018
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> Even though I set the clim kind to 'value' and the limits are set to [0.0,
> 0.5, 1.0], I observe that the maximum value in src is given the hottest
> value of the colormap, even if it is not 1.0.  I would like the colors to
> reflect the absolute value at each source, not their relative values to
> each other.

They should indeed reflect the true rather than relative value at each
source when clim kind is "value" instead of "percent". It's possible there
was some bug in 0.15.2 that has been fixed in 0.16.2 (latest release) or
master. Can you try using latest master to see if this is still a problem?
If it is, please open an issue on GitHub with a small code snippet using
`sample` data that reproduces the problem.

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