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Fri Jul 27 16:25:30 EDT 2018
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Hi all,

I am trying to remove all eye artifacts from an EEG recording with an EOG
channel using ICA (following the tutorial on MNE). I applied a bandpass
filter (1 and 40Hz) to the signal and removed the default average
reference. Then I fit ICA as follows:

picks = mne.pick_types(raw.info, eeg= True, eog= True, stim= False,
exclude= 'bads')
ica= ICA(n_components=25, method='fastica', random_state=1)
ica.fit(raw, picks=picks, decim=3)

eog_epochs=create_eog_epochs(raw, ch_name='EXG1')
eog_inds, scores= ica.find_bads_eog(eog_epochs)

As an output, this says only 2 EOG events detected (when there are many
more blinks). I can add the reject criteria with reject=dict(eog=threshold)
but I do not know what threshold to choose. I am relatively new to MNE.

I am attaching the link to the file, if it helps.
Thanks for all your help! Really appreciate it.

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