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Thanks to everyone for the congratulations! 

One strong aspect of our proposal was certainly the genuine enthusiasm of our user base, witnessed by the strong letters of support, which we are very grateful for. Despite of this, one of the reviewers still found it difficult to tell how widely the package is used! It might be interesting for you to read our evidence-based response in the rebuttal letter:

"The nationwide and worldwide impact and importance of MNE-Python is, indeed, exemplified in the 25 letters of support. In addition, we were easily able to identify over 20 NIH grants employing MNE-Python in their data analyses. Perhaps most importantly, MNE-Python and MNE-C are undergoing a large growth in terms of users. We can roughly quantify this using the total number of citations to the papers about these packages; the 180 citations in 2017 amounted to a 73% year-over-year increase from 2016, far outpacing the next fastest-growing MEG/EEG package (Brainstorm with 36%). This growth is attributable to two factors: the quality of the MNE software package itself, and to simultaneously increasing momentum of the scientific Python ecosystem.”



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