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Hi Eric,

Thank you so much for your time and insight! I have been wondering about these things for some time. I’m sorry about the non-issue GitHub issue, but I’m glad that something productive is coming from it. I really appreciate your direction here and on GitHub. I’ll definitely look into trying all this tomorrow.


> On Jul 31, 2018, at 20:37, Eric Larson <larson.eric.d at gmail.com> wrote:
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> if the float values in that array are current density
> They are currents (nAm) for method='MNE' and noise-normalized versions of these for other methods.
> what are the XYZ coordinates for each of the 8000+ vertices
> The `stc.vertices[0]` are the left-hemisphere vertex numbers of the high-resolution Freesurfer surfaces for the subject.
> What we’re interested in is getting the xyz coordinates and current density data as well as lobe location, just like the sLORETA Viewer shows, in an automated way. Is there any way we can do this in MNE?
> I have not used the sLORETA viewer so I can't comment on that, but yes it should be possible to get these values. You can load the surfaces with `rr_lh = mne.read_surface('subjects_dir/subject/surf/lh.white')[0]`, then your locations are `rr_lh[stc.vertices[0]]`. For the right hemisphere, load `rh.white` and use `rr_rh[stc.vertices[1]]`.
> I see that you have opened an MNE-Python issue about this, too. Perhaps we should discuss there how to add a tutorial for the Freesurfer surfaces / source-space information to make it clear how to get these values.
> Eric
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