[Mne_analysis] coreg GUI rendering problem (OS X)

Christopher Bailey cjb at cfin.au.dk
Thu Mar 1 15:00:19 EST 2018
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Hi Eric, thanks for the hints/links. I still had some residual problems with the ‘standard’ environment file, all obviously (py)Qt-related and stemming from the enthought-curated modules. I finally got a working coregistration GUI by:

- using git master for traits, pyface and traitsui, as well as mayavi (cf. this thread<https://github.com/enthought/mayavi/issues/595>)
- making sure the following are set (e.g. in ~/.bashrc):

export ETS_TOOLKIT=qt4  # actually not v4!! see here<https://github.com/enthought/traitsui/issues/407>
export QT_API=pyqt5  # v5 selected here…

I’ve attached the slightly modified env-file (NB: some testing-related modules not installed), though I realise it’s not very reliable in the long run: any changes to master on a number of modules might break the install :( It seems that there is long-overdue activity on all of them right now, so perhaps things will stabilise soon.

Would this be a reason to have an mne conda-channel? To pin down working versions for a cleaner installation process? ‘conda install mne’ where all plots are pretty and publications high-impact ;)


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