[Mne_analysis] Conflict of preprocessing recommendations: ICA and high-pass

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Mon Mar 12 05:59:09 EDT 2018
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Dear MNE users,

I have a problem, that I would like to briefly state in three parts:



- I am currently working on EEG data (64 channels, 500Hz sampling

- I want to clean the data for blink and horizontal eye movement artifacts.

- For this purpose, I would like to use ICA first for a single subject,
to identify "templates", and then apply these templates to all subjects
using the "corrmap" approach.


The conflict I encounter is when it comes to preprocessing my data:

- For ICA, a high-pass filter of 1Hz is recommended (see here

- For EEG data in general, high-pass filters with a cutoff > 0.1Hz have
been shown to be problematic (see here


Let's assume the following:

- Given my raw data, I create two pre-processed versions: One version
high-pass (hp) filtered at 1Hz and the other version hp filtered at 0.1Hz

- I calculate the ICA on the 1Hz hp data to obtain mixing and unmixing

- /What are the caveats to be considered when I then apply the mixing
and unmixing matrices obtained from the 1Hz hp data to the 0.1Hz hp data? /

Help, and especially pointers to literature or examples are appreciated.

I am also open to alternative approaches to addressing my situation.

Best regards,


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