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Dear all,

  I have a question on analysing single trial data from source space. I would like to do analysis on phase values of each trial and then get a source estimation of such analysis. I haven’t found any functions in MNE-python to return phase values of each trial from source space (no such functions on sensor space either it seems). If anyone knows such functions to return phase values of each trial on source space, please do let me know.


  I come up with two options to do this:
Do single trial analysis on sensor space and then project the results to source space, just like projecting evoked potential results to source space. I will substitute the evoked potential results with the results of phase analysis and apply inverse operator;
I project each trial to source space with pick_orig = ‘normal’ and then apply time-frequency analysis and then phase analysis to each trial from source space. 

Which one is plausible or better in your opinion?


  If someone has done such analysis using MNE-python before, could you kindly point me to the relevant resources?


 Many thanks.







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