[Mne_analysis] Data structures for comments? (Events? Annotations?)

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Mon Mar 19 19:19:42 EDT 2018
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Hello MNE list,

We have prepared an MNE Raw dataset from scratch, and it contains EEG 
and EOG data. We also have manual (written and survey) feedback from 
participants as they recorded the EEG/EOG, and I'm not quite sure if we 
should store this manual feedback as Events, Annotations, a Raw object 
event channel, or something else. We would of course like to be able to 
compare the EEG/EOG against the manual feedback.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I've included some manual 
feedback data samples below, in case that helps.


For the surveys, participants recorded their perceived level of 
attention, stress, engagement, relaxation, and activity type. The data 
looks like this (as you can see, it has multiple timestamps):
13:46:18,2018-02-08 {stress:5, comments:"", attention:6, 
timestamp:1504791858.073317, engagement:5, relaxation:5, activity_type:walk}

Here is what the data looks like with a written comment:
19:24:50,2018-01-15 {stress: 5, comments:"I'm sleepy and need some 
caffeine", attention:6, timestamp: 1505073050.459007, engagement: 5, 
relaxation: 6, activity_type:bike}

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