[Mne_analysis] I meet a problem when I download datasets

张文海 zwh20120106 at 163.com
Mon Mar 26 08:55:57 EDT 2018
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        I'm studying MNE-python.  By data_path=op.join(mne.datasets.sample.data_path(),'MEG','sample','sample_audvis_raw.fif'), I want to download the dataset. However, several times I only downloaded 1.53 Gb (full dataset is 1.54Gb). When I continued to download the left 0.01Gb, It doesn't work. In the mne_data folder, it's MNE-sample-data-processed.tar.gz.part. How do I fix it ? Are there other methods to download the datasets related to MNE-python? Thank you very much!
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Wenhai Zhang


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